The true cosmopolitan finds a difference between the unequivocally genuine and what intends to be such. Therefore both San Telmo enjoys recognition among travelers and tourists.
Its streets offer visitors the purest rioplatense code; today a mixture of bohemia with a touch of modernity.
Street Fair Memories
Where: Plaza Dorrego. When: Sunday, from sunrise to sunset.
These are the coordinates of a ritual that has happened for decades in the heart of San Telmo.
La Feria de San Pedro Telmo, that magical swap or cambalache of about 270 vendors, amazes and moves with its vast array of antiques.

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San Telmo open to Art
In big metropoleis art chosen where to find refuge. This happens also in Buenos Aires, San Telmo being one of its territories.
Artistic expressions ranging from graffiti to prestigious pieces museum , through fileteado masterpieces or cutting-edge galleries that break theories and canons . 

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Secrets and Curiosities
San Telmo´s magic is more than a cliché. It is an atmosphere created in a particular way . This neighborhood is full of surprises as La Casa Mínima (only 2.5 mts . width) , a collection of Bares Notables, a large market in Tuscan style, or a tireless murga rehearsing all year to explode during the summer.

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Every day´s Cuisine
In this old neighborhood culinary delicacy has not been left behind. Counterbalancing its typical taverns and bares, it also proposes more options geared to gourmet and good quality for example molecular, Thai, French, Indian or Mexican cuisine, among others, besides all that identifies the most classic Argentine palate .

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Arrabal 2 x 4
The word ' tango ' is synonymous with Buenos Aires. But in which neighborhoods this music resonates better? Surely one in one that preserves cobblestone streets since the colonial and immigration years, where it is alive and can be heard, danced and sang ... Correct: San Telmo is tango´s neighborhood!

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